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The Cardox System allows us to carry out the professional removal of accumulated material when cleaning kiln chambers, the elimination of cyclone blockages, obstructions in silos and hoppers, etc. It is used mainly for attached material that is very hard or very high, as a supplement to pressure washers or air lances. it is mostly used in the cement, chemical, casting, paper and glass industries, among others.

Cardox offers a broad range of tubes designed for specific applications. These tubes are filled with liquid carbon dioxide, similar to fire extinguishers. On applying a small electrical charge, a chemical heater instantaneously transforms the liquid carbon dioxide into gas. This process causes an expansion of the volume of CO2 and generates pressure in the tube, until finally the rupture disc at the end of the tube bursts. As a result, the CO2, now with a volume 660 times greater than the original, is liberated through a discharge head, creating a powerful force with pressure levels of up to 40,000 psi (3,000 bar). All this process occurs in milliseconds.

Carbon dioxide is an inert gas commonly used in fire extinguishers, which guarantees its safety since it does not generate any secondary reactions with other gases that may be present where the discharge is going to be. Also the rapid release of the gas cools the discharge, thus helping to prevent the ignition of any mixed air and gas that may be present.

At Copevac we are duly authorised, homologated and classified by the Ministry of Industry and the Madariaga Official Laboratory for the marketing and use of the Cardox System with our own Qualified Staff.


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