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The Company

Who are we?

Copevac is a company based in the province of Tarragona, principally devoted to all kinds of comprehensive and industrial cleaning through the use of the most sophisticated resources in the market. Our speciality is based, specifically, in the cement sector, for cement factories, milling, dry component plants, etc., which is where most of our services are used.

We also work in the chemical industry, in casting, glass, paper mills, etc.

At present, we have more than 400 operatives working throughout the Spanish territory, 90% of them being permanent employees. This organisation means that we can offer an efficient and professional service.

Our objective is to become a regular collaborator with the client, rather than being simply an occasional supplier. We make every effort to provide an exceptional service, with superior quality and efficiency and an optimum quality/price ratio.

The Company

How did it all begin?

At the end of 1981, José Cordero began his activity in the industrial cleaning sector, specifically in Construcciones y Contratas, now FCC, specialising in cleaning with maximum pressure washers and the sewer system.

In 1988, with 3 partners, he set up Hidrolimp, belonging to the same sector and in a short time becoming a benchmark in industrial cleaning for the petrochemical industry at a national level. In 1992 he decided to work on his own and founded Copevac, with the idea of offering integral cleaning services for various industries. Since the start, the company has acquired considerable experience in the cement sector, particularly in factories, mills, etc., where works are carried out in the cleaning and maintenance of kiln chambers and cyclones, among others, using methods such as pressure washers, air lances and metal bars.

Fotografía Histórica Copevac
Fotografía Histórica Copevac

With time, Copevac has become more and more specialised in this type of cleaning, adopting innovative methods such as the Cardox System, and keeping the workforce from the start of the enterprise. These employees have acquired valuable experience and knowledge, so that the company has become a benchmark in the sector. We consider our workforce is our most valuable asset.

In recent years, we have extended the Copevac services to satisfy the needs of our Clients, offering a broad range of answers to their cleaning problems, adapting to each situation.

Today, we have a very large machinery park, fitted with the latest technology, including aspirator machines for solids, mixed machines for use in taking up liquids and sludge, impulse pumps, street sweepers, mini-loaders, robot crushers, retro excavators, dumpers, container trucks, lifter trucks, electric hoppers for reloading solids, TV cameras used for inspections for silos, hoppers and deposits, among others. We also have accessories and auxiliary means so that we can do our work most efficiently. We also use exclusive cleaning systems homologated and catalogued by the Ministry of Industry, such as the Winchester System and the Cardox System so that we can offer effective and safe solutions for our Clients.


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