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Street Sweepers for hire with driver

When dealing with street sweepers, DULEVO, KÄRCHER and MACRO are the acknowledged brand leaders in the market. These brands are well known as the benchmark in the industry, due to the quality and efficiency of their machines. Our machinery park contains large numbers of them, all of which are available with driver.

Our Sweepers are designed to offer exceptional performance in mechanical sweeping. These include:

  • A large vacuum intake and an even collection circuit, measuring 1,300 mm in length and 400 mm wide, so that all kinds of waste can be efficiently swept up, including those of large volume, earth and sand. All this without raising dust and with effective pickup of material.
  • The central brush has a sweeping pressure which can be adjusted directly from the cab. With sweep length of 1,300 mm, this brush guarantees exhaustive and precise cleaning on every pass.
  • The two side brushes, one on each side, have a sweeping length of 2,600 mm. This arrangement allows for broad and efficient cover in places of greater width.

For vacuum sweeping, all our machines are equipped with:

  • Two hydraulic vacuum turbines which produce a large quantity of air and maximum effectiveness in collecting waste, ensuring thorough cleaning.
  • A vacuum tube at the back, 4 metres long and 150 mm in diameter, can reach and collect waste items in more complex places.

In terms of storage capacity we offer:

  • Stainless steel waste containers with capacities varying from 2.5 m3 to 6 m3. These containers are designed to guarantee safe manipulation and easy discharge of sweepings and vacuumed waste, even when unloading at height into big bags, containers, etc.
  • A vertical waste transporter system, which makes unloading easy, quick and efficient. Also they offer hydraulic lifting of the container to 1,050 mm, which makes manipulation and unloading easier.
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