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Blasting Rings in Rotary Kilns

Our specialised professional service in the blasting of rings in rotary kilns is outstanding for the effectiveness and precision of the Winchester System. It involves the use of 8 gauge ammunition. The Winchester System offers a choice of three types depending on the specific characteristics of the ring or the accumulation of material that requires breaking up.

The Winchester System is exceptionally effective, particularly when the length of the ring is not more than 4/5 metres. It is also very important not to allow any interruption of the kiln (generally by a reduction of the load) until the tripod and cannon have been installed so that the material to be blasted is as hot as possible.

The strategic location of the cannon and access through a shooting port (preferably shooting from a telecamera port or other orifice which allows the cannon to be manoeuvred) are fundamental factors. It is important to avoid using the lighter space, as its removal will make the process more difficult, particularly where the material has to be heated intermittently.

If in the end the kiln has to be stopped in order to go in and break up the obstruction, we have totally electric machinery and equipment (robots), used for crushing and extracting the material to be removed.

The blasting of rings in rotary kilns is designed for cement factories, paper mills, castings and the metallurgical industry, among others.

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The industrial ammunition used

CE8ZPW Magnum 3oz Zinc Paper Wrap Plastic

winchester munición CE8ZPW

Used to remove obstructions of some 4/5 metres length, for the removal of very hard clinker rings from rotary kilns and ferroalloys from tapping kilns. Zinc is non- toxic and these charges should be used instead of lead.

CE8SPW Magnum 3oz Lead Paper Wrap Plastic

winchester munición CE8SPW

Used to eliminate obstructions of some 4/5 metres length of very hard clinker rings in rotary kilns.

CE8B2P Magnum 2oz Lead Paper Wrap Plastic

winchester munición CE8B2P

Used for short range shot and for semi-hard material such as accumulations in storage recipients, silos, cyclones, rotary kilns. Also used for the elimination of rings in the rotary kiln head and/or ramp.

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